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Personal Finance

            This on-line Personal Finance course will provide students with comprehensive exposure to personal financial planning in the areas of income, money management, banking, saving, taxes, consumer credit and other consumer decisions, legal protection, insurance, investments, and retirement planning.         Marketers have discovered the purchasing power of teenagers. Allowances, wages, gifts and other funds from parents and relatives give teenagers a discretionary income that underscores their roles as consumers, savers and investors. Perhaps not surprisingly, growing numbers of young adults are finding themselves in debt. Against this backdrop, it is clear that the study of personal finance will lead to personal empowerment.               This on-line course will expose students to a variety of issues relevant to individual financial management and planning. Given the complexities individuals face regarding their financial futures and the variety of issues each person faces when planning for both short- and long-term wealth accumulation and planning for future contingencies, this on-line course will provide students with an introduction to many topics designed to increase their financial well being. Students will use group on-line discussions, blogs, you-tube, google and powerpoints for use of study in this on-line course.         The evaluation of this program will be the satisfaction of New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard 9.2 (Personal Financial Literacy) and the fulfillment of the 2.5 credits required for high school graduation in the State of New Jersey. Students will be evaluated through traditional tests, essays, and various performance and portfolio assessments, blogs, projects and a mid-term and final exam all of which will be done on-line.      

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